Other Issues

The scope of French Quarter Citizens activities is as vast as the many challenges affecting our historic neighborhood. Recent efforts include ensuring that legislative re-districting maintains the French Quarter as a single unit, helping to ensure our city and state legislatures focus on our problems. We have participated in efforts to call attention to our deficient and deteriorating infrastructure; the Mayor has promised money to repave at least some streets but has not found resources to address the deplorable state of many of our sidewalks — or to mount effective efforts to keep them from being damaged by heavy delivery trucks. French Quarter Citizens has played an important role in bringing street cars back to North Rampart Street, and is working hard to ensure that track alignment and kiosk designs reflect our special situation. We continue to expand cooperation with city and other French Quarter groups, partnering with the French Quarter Business Association, Vieux Carré Property Owners, Residents and Associates, Bourbon Business Alliance and others to promote common objectives. French Quarter Citizens always seeks to achieve its objectives through negotiation and education, but some situations require, and will continue to require, our challenge through the legal system. We are fortunate to have the cooperation of attorneys willing to support us pro bono and partners with which we can share other costs.