FQC Committees

French Quarter Citizen’s Committees implement our projects and policies, and are the repositories of expertise, continuity, enthusiasm, and results. The Committees provide a great opportunity to get engaged in FQC and in your community … and to meet and work with your neighbors. Contact the committee chair to discuss how you can best help!

Legal Affairs Committee’s responsibilities include monitoring existing law suits, making recommendations on possible new actions, advising the Board on the legal implications of Board actions and strategies, and working with other community organizations. (Contact Chair Susan Guillot, 581-4516, or susan@frenchquartercitizens.com)

Legislative Affairs Committee’s duties include monitoring existing and proposed legislation that may affect the Quarter, meeting with elected and appointed officials, and establishing liaisons with elected and appointed officials to further FQC’s work. (Contact Chair Brian Wiggins, 225-247-5603, bwiggins@frenchquartercitizens.com)

Membership Committee deals with membership issues, including recruitment, retention, payment of dues, and updating the FQC membership database. As FQC’s volunteer coordinator, the Committee maintains lists of volunteers and their preferences. (Contact Co-Chairs Lyn Gladney, 522-2255, lyn@frenchquartercitizens.com or Bryan Francher, 251-6400, bryan@frenchquartercitizens.com)

Quality of Life Committee promotes FQC’s mission in areas affecting our quality of life, including litter and trash, visual clutter and signs, the environment, noise and street activity, public safety/police, traffic and parking, bars and nightclubs, and illegal short-term rentals. The committee works with other committees, city and other governmental authorities, and community and other organizations. (Contact Chair Tom Bissell, 586-0956, tom@frenchquartercitizens.com)

Planning and Historic Preservation Committee deals with government and community leaders and organizations on issues of city and neighborhood planning, and on the preservation of our architectural heritage. (Contact Chair Sue Klein, 523-0110, sklein@frenchquartercitizens.com)

Budget and Fiscal Affairs Committee deals with our internal financial management, including the preparation of the annual budget, managing and safeguarding FQC’s financial resources, and fund-raising activities. (Contact Chair Catherine Hill, 598-9651, catherine@frenchquartercitizens.com)

Communications Committee is responsible for our communications with the public, community and other organizations and entities, the media, and with the membership, including preparation of the newsletter and management of the our website. (Contact Chair Benay Bernstein, 833-1492, benay@frenchquartercitizens.com)

Organizational Affairs Committee manages FQC’s office and prepares for Board and membership meetings, and other gatherings. (Contact Co-chairs Shelly Lawrence, 813-8466, shelley@frenchquartercitizens.com or George Jeansonne, 299-0354, george@frenchquartercitizens.com

Progressive Dinner Committee is responsible for all aspects of the November Progressive Dinner, FQC’s major fund-raising event. The Committee selects the houses for the dinner, arranges for financial and in-kind sponsors, handles publicity and invitations, and coordinates implementation.