Bike Share Success

Bike Share Program

Bike share Program- Success!  We were able prevent bike corrals from being installed in the French Quarter, with the exception of one that will be shared as a non-paying residential bike corral.  Gail Cavett was the driving force behind our opposition and she deserves the credit for making the successful outcome.  A combination of contacting the sponsor Blue Cross Blue Shield, at Glade BIlby’s suggestion, and Gail’s relentless efforts to show them the negative effects the bike share would have on quality of life in the French Quarter, caused a Sobi Bike Share to dramatically change their plans to exclude all corals from the Quarter except the one at CC’s Coffee shop. Congratulations!!! 
And the City of New Orleans announced the final 70 bike share station locations for the City’s upcoming bike share system, Blue Bikes. Blue Bikes is a partnership between the City of New Orleans, Social Bicycles, Inc. and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, which is the system’s title sponsor. The station location map as well as results of community workshops and online poll are available on the City’s website at