Call to Action! Take Pictures of Tourists!

FQMD Vice-Chair Kim Rosenberg has put out a call for action to all French Quarter Residents as part of efforts to improve our sanitation services.

We need visual proof that a significant number of tourists go throughout the Quarter on tours and on their own. This is important in order to show that it is in the City’s best interest to provide improved sanitation services throughout the Quarter because tourists are everywhere in the Quarter.

Please photograph tourists in the residential sections of the Quarter. For this purpose, “residential sections” are all areas of the Quarter not included in the section bounded by Canal, Bourbon, St Ann, and Decatur/N. Peters Streets.

Examples of tourist activities include:

  • Haunted House tours on Dauphine or Governor Nicholls Streets.
  • Segway tours on Burgundy Street.
  • Carriages on Barracks Street.
  • Crowds spilling into street at Lafitte Blacksmith’s Shop.
  • Bike tours on Dauphine.
  • Carriages stopped at Lafitte Blacksmith’s Shop and the Corn Stalk Inn.
  • Tourists wandering through the Lower Quarter with Hand Grenades.
  • Packs of tourists wearing team colors in the Lower Quarter (or on Dauphine or Burgundy).
  • Tourists using the sidewalk or street in lieu of a restroom.

Please send your photos to Kim Rosenberg at