Graffiti prevention tips from the NOPD

Via Sergeant Jonette Williams, Eighth District Community Coordinator

In recent weeks, members of the 8th District,   acting on information received from community members, have made arrests   in connection with graffiti in the French Quarter. The issue continues   to remain a priority, as officers actively seek individuals committing   this act while on patrol. Below you will find information regarding   preventing and controlling graffiti, authored by Martin E. Weaver.

The following is an excerpt from a Preservation   Brief written for the National Park Service and can be found in its   entirety at :

“Experience shows that prompt removal of graffiti is one of the most effective measures against its recurrence.   Graffiti that is not removed quickly tends to attract more graffiti.   Often motivated by a need to have their work seen, graffitists tend   to be discouraged from repeating their efforts in a location where their   work is quickly removed. Graffiti is less likely to occur if graffitists   can be clearly seen. It is often recommended that accessible, graffiti-prone   areas be illuminated with floodlighting or spotlights. If they are historically   appropriate and compatible with historic property, soft barriers in   the form of low, possibly thorny, shrubs and bushes or other forms of   landscaping and planting may be effective deterrents. Such plantings   can make it difficult to reach the property by any route other than   the approved secure one.”

We ask that citizens continue to remain   vigilant and notify the police of any suspicious activity.