September 21, 2012

Set Your Night on Fire!
Can you help us get the flames going?

The theme of French Quarter Citizens’ Annual Dinner to be held on Friday, November 2, 2012, is “Set the Night on Fire.”


Because FQC is going to donate a portion of the proceeds of ticket sales and donations to the New Orleans Fire Department location at 317 Decatur Street which provides the French Quarter with critical emergency services.

Tickets will go on sale in early October so watch for your invitation and reply early as historically this event has sold out.

The Annual Dinner Committee is looking for volunteers to set up for the event as well as clean up on November 3rd. Please contact Fluffy Hegenberger at 504-343-3461 if you are able to volunteer.

Sponsorships levels and ticket prices will be as follows:

  • Benefactor Level@ $10,000. Includes 12 tickets to the Dinner, as well as to the Patron Party; special recognition in the event program, a reserved table and complimentary membership in FQC for 2013.
  • Mansion Level@ $5000. Includes 8 tickets to the Dinner, as well as to the Patron Party; special recognition in the event program, a reserved table and complimentary membership in FQC for 2013.
  • Colonial Level @ $2500. Includes 6 tickets to the Dinner, as well as to the Patron Party; special recognition in the event program, a reserved table and complimentary membership in FQC for 2013.
  • Townhouse Level @ $1500. Includes 4 tickets to the Dinner, as well as to the Patron Party; special recognition in the event program.
  • Cottage Level @ $1000. Includes 2 tickets to the Dinner, as well as to the Patron Party; special recognition in the event program .
  • Shotgun Level @ $500. Includes 1 ticket to the Dinner, as well as to the Patron Party ; special recognition in the event program.

Individual tickets will be available for both members and guests:

  • $175 Member
  • $200 Guest
  • $125 for those under 35 (includes a one year membership to FQC)

We look forward to you joining us on November 2, 2012!

The Wheels on the Red Bus Go ‘Round and ‘Round

You may have noticed in yesterdays Times-Picayune that a new tour bus operation has moved into the city and French Quarter. Brian Furness (a FQC board member), at the request of FQC President Brian Wiggins, responded to Times-Picayune reporter Katherine Sayre’s inquiry about FQC’s position on the introduction of double-decker tour buses.

As you can read in the article, he stated that the FQC generally has no concerns as long as the route was confined to “major streets” such as Decatur (North Peters) and North Rampart. These routes are currently permitted to over-the-road tandem axle buses, RTA buses, and other heavy vehicles. Contact with residential portions of the Quarter is very limited and, as Meg Lousteau (Executive Director of VCPORA) said in the aticle, might serve to carry tourists from the French Quarter to other areas of the city.

However, the article did not refer to the other points he made on our behalf:

  • FQC would strongly oppose extension of this service to the interior of the French Quarter, which is too constrained to permit operation without risking damage, particularly to our historic infrastructure.
  • The French Quarter community continues to have problems with operation within the French Quarter of illegal over-the-road buses (anything over 31 feet long) ignorant of or defying existing law with little if any visible enforcement. FQC is also concerned by the continued operation of heavy trucks, including semi-trailers and trash collection vehicles, which are not regulated by the city.
  • FQC has been pleased with the operation of pedicabs. FQC supported the introduction of pedicabs, which have provided valuable transportation services without affecting vehicular and other traffic.
  • FQC supports Council Member Palmer’s efforts to discipline the use of “party buses” by requiring CPNCs, and other measures.
  • So, as it stands now, the FQC is glad to welcome a new business to the French Quarter and hopes it will help more visitors explore and enjoy not only the French Quarter but also the rest of our wonderful city.

Board Member Profile: Catherine Hill, PhD

Catherine Hill, Secretary of the Board of French Quarter Citizens, is passionate about the French Quarter where she has been a resident for over 12 years. Says Catherine, “It was the history, beauty, charm and sense of community that helped me decide to call the French Quarter home.” That passion and a strong desire to contribute to her community led her to volunteer to work with French Quarter Citizens, where she has served on the FQC Board for the past five years.

What Catherine finds most attractive about living in the Vieux Carre is the abundance of music events that go on year round in the neighborhood. She says “I love being able to open my door, walk a few blocks and take in some of the best music in the country. We are lucky to have all that we have – festivals, concerts and other cultural offerings – right here in the French Quarter community.”

Catherine is co-owner of two health care businesses based in New Orleans and is known for her expertise in managed care. Her knack for organization shines through in everything she does. In addition to serving as Secretary to the Board, Catherine is also Co-Chair of the FQC Annual Dinner, our major fundraising event. She was the FQC Treasurer 2008-2009. She was recently elected to the Board of Odyssey House.

A major focus of Catherine’s work in the French Quarter over the past several years has been emphasizing the need to improve the condition of sidewalks throughout the area. She says the recent new sidewalks installed in front of her own home were completed very quickly with minimal disruption to her daily routine.

On weekends, Catherine enjoys spending time with friends in the French Quarter. Like many residents, she marvels that you don’t need to get in your car to have a great time over the weekend. Catherine is an avid gardener and reader.

Catherine invites you to volunteer your time to help with the FQC Annual Dinner which will be held Friday, November 2. You can reach Catherine at

Mark Your Calendar!

  • FQC Quarterly Meeting on October 18th at the home of Bill Miller and Linda Malin, 611 Dauphine St. 6-8pm. Its a Pot Luck Dinner so start planning your goodies!
  • FQC Annual Dinner is coming! Set your Night on Fire on November 2nd, at 317 Decatur. Details in this newsletter.
  • The Historic New Orleans Collection Fall 2012 Concerts in the Courtyard begins tonight with the Paul Soniat, 6-8 p.m. Admission $10. Line up at The Historic New Orelans Collection.
  • Jazz in the Park (Armstrong Park) Series. Thursdays, starting September 20, at 5 p.m. Line up at People United for Armstrong Park.

Street Closures

Paths to Progress road/lane closures, during construction hours of 5AM-7PM :

  • Burgundy from St. Philip to Esplanade closure.
  • Dauphine from Esplanade to St. Philip closure.
  • Royal from St. Ann to St. Louis closure.
  • N. Peters from St. Louis to Canal, southbound lane closure.
  • Esplanade N. Rampart bound: travel lane closure from Royal to N Rampart. Parking lane is now a travel lane.
  • Esplanade N. Peters bound: travel lane closure from N Rampart to Royal. Parking lane is now a travel lane.
  • Starting today, Burgundy beginning at Canal St., will begin the additional sidewalk removal and replacement. The roadway will not be closed, but No Parking signs in the area will be posted. There may be intermittent closures for brief periods of time while the larger construction equipment is in the area.

For more information about Paths to Progress, please direct all inquiries
Facebook: Paths2Progress