Weekly Update for August 3, 2012

Property Tax Assessments – ACT NOW

As you probably have heard by now, property tax assessments are up in the French Quarter. Meg Lousteau of VCPORA tells us that the increase is largely due to the value of FQ land rising rom $27 per square foot to $60 per square foot.

Make sure you examine your assessment and preserve your rights in accordance with Louisiana law. For more information, go to the Orleans Parish Assessor’s website.

Hollywood South:
Weekly Film Updates

Filming notifications:

Click on the location/date for more information or go to the city’s Film New Orleans website.

Red Dress Run: Stay Tuned!

Next Saturday (August 11th) is the Red Dress Run, a 5K run (we’re using that term loosely) that generates a ton of money for charity – but which unfortunately generated a ton of complaints from residents last year. You’ll be happy to note that the organizers have listened to our concerns and have adjusted their schedule to try to prevent some of the problems brought to our attention. Admittedly, the event has gotten so large that many of the troublemakers are not registered participants of the Red Dress Run. Still, we’re happy that the organizers worked with us and listened to our concerns. We are waiting on the city to provide us a final map and start time. Once we receive the final information, we will forward to all members in a special edition of the E-Write so you can make appropriate plans. Our fingers are crossed that this event will continue to raise hundreds of thousands of charity without unreasonably inconveniencing our residents.

Important Dates

  • August 5, Annual Jazz Mass at St. Augustine Church in Treme (10:00 a.m.)
  • August 11, Red Dress Run
  • September 20th, FQC Quarterly Meeting.
  • November 2, FQC Progressive Dinner, details to come!

Street Closures

Lane and Road Closures for Friday, August 3rd (remain the same from last week):

  • Burgundy from Canal to St. Louis
  • Esplanade parking lanes closed from Royal St. to North Peters (both lake- and river- bound)
  • Royal Street closed from Esplanade to St. Phillip.
  • North Peters riverside right lane from Canal to St. Louis

While some inconveniences are to be expected, please let a board member know if you were not properly notified or encounter other problems.

For more information, please go to the Paths to Progress website.

New Rampart Business

Adding to the gourmet hot dog craze occuring nationwide, Dreamy Weenies has opened at 740 North Rampart Street. The restaurant, one of many new and improved business on Rampart, serves New Orleans-style dogs as well as other flavorful dogs with a variety of toppings. Please support this new business bringing commercial activity back to Rampart Street!