Weekly Update for July 20, 2012

University Hospital Site Implosion Scheduled for Sunday

As most of you know, the 17-story Claiborne Towers building is scheduled to be imploded at 8:00 a.m., Sunday, July 22nd. According to published reports, the entire French Quarter is outside of the evacuation zone and residents should only feel a minor impact from the blast itself.

The dust cloud created as a result of the implosion is predicted to travel as far as the lake side of Basin Street. However, this forecast, according to the Times Picayune, “is approximate and could change depending on weather conditions.” If you live in the Upper Quarter area and (especially) if you suffer from breathing-related aliments, please tune in to news reports and heed the instructions of authorities.

For more information, the contractors, Controlled Demolition, Inc. and Contaminant Control, Inc., have established a 24-hour emergency hotline (1-888-624-6555).

Filming Continues in the FQ

The FQC E-Write (as we now call it) will offer periodic notifications of filming events in the French Quarter as we are notified by the city.

Filming continues at the 500 Block of Bienville (July 16 – 30).

Click on each location/date for more information or go to the city’s Film New Orleans website.

Message from Membership Committee:
We Need Your Help!

Our association is really starting to gain traction in the community. Numbers help immensely to achieve the quality of life objectives that we citizens of the French Quarter desire. 3500 citizens have residences in the French Quarter, and I would love to have all 3500 as members of our French Quarter association. If we could achieve this, every elected official would quickly answer every call from us. This is always the best way to achieve our objectives.

And the nice thing is that we can immediately double our membership if each present members persuades just one more resident to join. So, I really need your help!!

Please send me at least one friend’s name who we can jointly persuade to join FQC. Then we’ll do this again, double our membership, then do it again and again until we have all 3500 residents as members of our association.

Thank you for your help and participation!
Linda Malin
Chair, Membership Committee

Foundation Offers NOLA Summer Program

The Price of Wales’s Foundation is offering a “Culture of Building” 3-week summer program in New Orleans. It melds art, architecture, urbanism and the preservation building crafts in an intensive hands-on experience with world-renowned instructors and the great City of New Orleans as laboratory. You may know talented designers, project managers, crafts people or community planners who would benefit. Click on this link for more information.

Important Dates

  • FQMD Infrastrcture Committee, July 23, 3:30 p.m., Iberia Bank Board Room, 301 Chartres, 2nd Floor
  • November 2, FQC Progressive Dinner, details to come!

Street Closures

  • Major street closures have started in the French Quarter with the recent closure of the first four blocks of Burgundy Street and Esplanade Avenue from N. Peters to Royal Streets. While some inconveniences
  • are to be expected, please let a board member know if you were not properly notified or encounter other problems.

For more information, please go to the Paths to Progress website.

Did You Know?

Jackson Square was voted to be North America’s #1 top public square (out of 12 public squares). The Project for Public Spaces made its determination since Jackson Square “reaches out like an octopus” drawing in surrounding streets. Go to this link for more information.