Quality of Life

FQC was founded in 1994 to strengthen the quality of residential life in the French Quarter. Not surprisingly, we focus much of our effort in this area. FQC is heavily engaged in the current efforts to write a new ordinance to control noise; we insist on simple, straightforward, and easily enforced rules that protect and promote the music — not noise — for which New Orleans is justly famous. Cleanliness and sanitation has declined recently; FQC is helping lead an effort to identify and propose solutions to the challenges of keeping the French Quarter clean, having the trash collected on time, and reducing the number of trash containers littering our sidewalks. Other quality of life issues occupying our efforts and members include supporting the eradication of graffiti, promoting neighborhood consensus making Cabrini Park better for dogs and humans, strengthening controls on filming in the Quarter, making changes in parking regulations to favor residents, and getting the city to crack down on illegal short-term rentals that undermine the Quarter’s residential values.