Crime Cameras In French Quarter – Video – WDSU New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS — A nonprofit group wants to add more cameras to the French Quarter to make the streets safer, but some preservationists are against it.

More and more businesses are using technology to help curb violence. In Marigny, a number of businesses have jumped on board and installed surveillance cameras.

“I think that it’s important for us to have the cameras for both our employees and for our customers to feel safe,” said Kina Joshua-Jasmine, of Café Rose Nicaud.

The devices were installed with the financial assistance from ProjectNOLA. Its executive director, Bryan Lagarde, said the nonprofit agency has set up 52 cameras in high crime areas across the city, except for the French Quarter.

A preservationist group, the Vieux Carre Commission, refused to give ProjectNOLA a permit to install surveillance cameras in the French Quarter.

“At one point, they said they didn’t like the mount. It didn’t look historic enough for them, and other times, they said, ‘We don’t like the entire camera,'” Lagarde said. “When you walk around the French Quarter, our cameras are actually smaller than most any other cameras.”

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