September 28, 2012

2013 FQC Ballots

It’s election time again! No, not THAT election. It’s time to cast your votes for the 2013 FQC board. By now you should have received you ballots and candidate profiles. And the handy-dandy pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope to cast your ballot with.

Please take a moment to make your selections and drop your completed ballot in the mail. Ballots need to be returned by October 12th.

Paths to Progress Begins New Phase

Starting on October 1st. (Monday), Paths to Progress will start milling the river-to-lake streets in the Quarter (see side bar for details). The Milling machine removes 2 inches of asphalt on the existing roadway and then repaves with 2 inches of new asphalt.

During paving operations, there will be period of time during construction hours (approx. 2-3 hours) that absolutely no vehicular traffic can drive on fresh asphalt

As you may have noticed, as part of the improvements, ADA compliant ramps are being installed. You may also have noticed the asphalt “patches” thrown on the ramps. According to Paths to Progress, in order for the ADA ramps to be used during construction, “a temporary asphalt patch must be installed for accessibility and compliance, if needed.” When milling and paving operations begin, the temporary asphalt patch will be removed and replaced with the permanent asphalt surface.

Board Member Profile: Brian R. Furness

Since moving to New Orleans from Washington, D.C. seven years ago, Brian Furness has worked to help reshape the conditions under which we live, interact and prosper within the French Quarter.

Growing up in rural Connecticut, his environment was one of neighborhood. Says Brian, “In a rural area, there exists a real sense of community where people truly feel connected.” That sense of community led Brian to the presidency of the Washington D.C. Capitol Hill Restoration Society, one of the largest, oldest community member-driven organizations in the D.C. area with about 1,000 members.

Brian brought that same passion for civic affairs with him to New Orleans. He and his wife Charlotte purchased 1031 St. Ann where they currently operate Gentry House Bed and Breakfast. Brian volunteered at North Rampart Main Street Inc. (NRMSI) and chaired the Economics Committee. For VCPORA, Brian edited the print newsletter. Brian’s involvement caught the attention of CoCo Garrett, then President of FQC, who invited Brian to join the FQC Board. In 2009, Brian chaired the writing of new Bylaws, and in 2010 and 2011 Brian served as FQC President.

As a former FQC President, current Board member, and FQC-representing Commissioner to the French Quarter Management District, Brian seeks to build bridges and foster cooperation among various groups to foster progress despite the inevitable pressures and conflicts inherent in seeking to do so. The key, according to Brian, is persistence and, as he says, being “a tooth with long roots.”

Brian’s background prepared him well for community activism. During his professional career, Brian was a U.S. Foreign Services Officer with tours in Caracas, Milan, Rome and Brasilia where he developed expertise in handling global trade and economic issues. This required an understanding of complicated issues and the ability to frame these issues in writing in a way that makes it possible for people to easily grasp the issues and take meaningful action.

Brian’s knack for articulating a position and possible solutions that affect the FQ contributes to the quality of residential living. Throwing himself into issues, Brian is most passionate about preserving and improving the quality of life and living conditions for all citizens.

As the FQC representative to the FQMD, Brian chairs the Sanitation Task Force which focuses on noise, sanitation and trash collection issues. Additionally, he is interested in historic preservation, zoning and land use and the implications and impact of those laws and regulations on the residential quality of life in the FQ.

When not working on community projects, Brian loves meeting and talking with his B & B guests who come to visit from the US and overseas. Says Brian, “ I enjoy explaining the history of the city and helping our guests understand the complexities, the architecture and diversity that have gone into making the FQ such a great place to live. “

One thing Brian and Charlotte could never give up is being within walking distance to the home of their daughter, Gioia Furness Petro and her husband. Gioia is also a member of the FQC Board and is the chair of the Communications Committee. They also love the local appreciation for fine cuisine and appreciate how people here care about food – reminds them of Italy! Brian is equally devoted to the Saints and follows soccer avidly.

Brian welcomes your involvement in the causes about which he is so passionate. You can reach him at

Mark Your Calendar!

  • FQC Quarterly Meeting on October 18th at the home of Bill Miller and Linda Malin, 611 Dauphine St. 6-8pm. Its a Pot Luck Dinner so start planning your goodies!
  • Dedication of St. Anthony’s Garden, St. Louis Cathederal, 10:30 am, Saturday, September 29th.
  • FQC Annual Dinner is coming! Set your Night on Fire on November 2nd. Location to be announced!

Street Closures

Paths to Progress road/lane closures, during construction hours of 5AM-7PM :

  • Burgundy from St. Philip to Esplanade closure.
  • Dauphine from Esplanade to St. Philip closure.
  • Royal from St. Ann to St. Louis closure.
  • N. Peters from St. Louis to Canal, southbound lane closure.
  • Esplanade N. Rampart bound: travel lane closure from Royal to N Rampart. Parking lane is now a travel lane.
  • Esplanade N. Peters bound: travel lane closure from N Rampart to Royal. Parking lane is now a travel lane.

Starting October 1 (Monday), street milling will start in the order listed:

  1. Burgundy
  2. Esplanade
  3. Royal
  4. Toulouse
  5. St Louis
  6. Decatur/N Peters
  7. Dauphine

Milling machine removes 2” of asphalt on the existing roadway, paving with 2” of new asphalt. During paving operations, there will be period of time during construction hours (approx. 2-3 hours) that absolutely no vehicular traffic can drive on fresh asphalt.

For more information about Paths to Progress, please direct all inquiries to:
Facebook: Paths2Progress